Man, I feel like a woman

So I feel a bit weird right now, because I’m about to start blogging about how awesome sunday night was, when that was like 2 days ago. But then again, I haven’t blogged since then so you can’t really blame me.

So sunday night I met Camilla, Lene and Adeline to go see the improv show featuring two famous norwegian comedians (shown right). It was fucking hilarious to say the least. I am always so amazed that people can think so fast and just react when they need. Needless to say if I ever tried it I would like like a loser, but yeah.

After the show we decided to go to a bar that Adeline’s cousin works at and have a beer and just relax and ish. Well, one beer turned into another, which turned into another, and we added one more just to be safe. Before we knew it we all we a bit tipsy and decided that the kareoke bar would be an awesome place to be right about then. So we went there and were encaptivated by all the people singing, and Camilla and I decided that we too should be up there. We ended up singing Man, I Feel Like  a Woman by Shania Twain, which we amazingly fun. But I feel bad for whoever had to listen to us, because I am one of the most tone deaf people to walk this earth. The audience was really nice and acutally applauded us. Haha. We stayed there for awhile longer while Camilla tried to work up the nerve to sing solo. Everyone else that was singing was like pro-status for sure.

I had to go home earlier-ish (which is to say midnight) cause i had to be up studying the next day. And in typical Sass fashion, I made the biggest fool of my self ever! I was walking by two guys and a girl having a conversation, and just as I walked by the guy facing me lifted his hand and said “Yeah, she’s american, what’s up with that”, and me and my tipsy little brain were blown away by his psychic-ness, so of course I had to say something. The conversation went a little something like this

Me: “Whoa, how did you know!”
The dude: “Know what?”
Me: “That I’m American.”
The dude: “Huh?”
Me: “You just said I’m american”
The dude: “Uhm, we were talking about someone else…”
Me: “Ohmygosh, I’m Sorry” *flee*

Yeah, I felt like a tool. But thats just another day in the neighborhood for me.


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