Conspiricy Theory? Not Quite.

Today me and Tone came up with a couple of theories for what our upstairs neighbors do with their time. See, in the past 36 hours we have found out that the walls here aren’t very thick. Its very easy to hear noises from room to room, and from our aparment to the upstairs one. Now all day we have been hearing some odd thumping sounds, some singing and just general people noise. Here are our theories:

     — They have crazy, wild, animal sex from early in the morning til late at night.

     — The guy above my room is a drum teacher, and the guy above Tone’s room is taking lessons, so they are drumming and singing all day long.

     — They like to riverdance/tapdance…. a lot.

     — They are crazy rockers dudes who like to pound on objects when they listen to music and sing.

     — They play rockband…. a lot.

That’s all we have come up with so far. I kinda wanna go peak in the window or something to see what it is they are actually doing, but that would ruin the whole mystery of it. They are probably doing something uber boring.


2 comments on “Conspiricy Theory? Not Quite.

  1. Don’t look in the window!! It’s totally more fun to just keep guessing and make up your own stories.

    • Haha. Totally not going to look. But since all we’ve heard today is guitar playing, we are going with the new theory that they are a underground norwegian rockband. Hehe.

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