You Can’t Always Get What You Want…

…or can you? I say you can if you go about it the right way. I have a some steps (borrowed from my favorite author Jennifer Crusie) that make up a surefire way to get what you want from someone when used correctly. If you think you can handle them try them out. But don’t come running to me if they backfire ;).

Step One: Make the mark smile
Tell a joke, make a fool of yourself, do something to see those pearly whites.
Step Two: Get the mark to agree with you
          A yes or a simple nod will do. It makes them associate you with the action.
Step Three: Make the mark feel superior
Drop a compliment. Its not hard. Example “You’re so good at doing make-up.  Mine never turns out like that.” Just make sure its relevant to the conversation.
Step Four: Give the mark something
           A piece of chocolate. A hug. A gift. Something.
Step Five: Get what you want and get out
Once you drop your bomb and get what you want, get out. You don’t want them finding out the con do you?

Now, Jennifer Crusie might have just been making up these steps for her novel Welcome to Temptation, but I’ve put some real life experience behind them. They work. They’re awesome. Try them out, and when they work thank Jennifer Crusie.


2 comments on “You Can’t Always Get What You Want…

  1. Oh, wow. I LOVE Jennifer Crusie’s books! And I think I remember these steps from one of the books she wrote too. Not “Welcome to Temptation” exactly, because I’ve never read that, but another one. Something to do with a woman named Matilda and.. Davy? Some guy with the last name Dempsey. Hahaha.

    Good tips by the way(:

    Usually works. hahaha.

    • I know right! She is awesome. The book you are thinking of is Faking It. Its kind of a sequal to Welcome to Temptation, Davy Dempsey is in both of them 🙂

      But yeah, they are good tips 😉

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