I’m not dead, yet

It has now been over a month since that last time I blogged, but thats all gonna change soon.

I haven’t been blogging (or reading other blogs) this summer basically because I have been uber busy. I have been either working or sleeping. Thats not very exciting to blog about. Well I actually take that back. Tons of exciting/funny things have happened to me this summer while I was working, but everytime I came home I was to tired to blog. Hence the sleeping. But now I am officially done with my summer job. Not because I want to be, but because I pinched a nerve in my back and am now on medical leave.

Anyways I guess I can give you a summary of the eventful things that happened this summer. This is by no means all of them. My memory isn’t that good.

  • My sister and nephew came to visit.
  • My cousin from California came to visit.
  • Got my butt pinched and winked at by a 7 year-old.
  • Almost broke my finger cause I got ran over by a mini car.
  • Found about 150 bucks at one of the rides I worked at. But I had to give 100 back 😦
  • Got beat up by a wanna-be-macho teenager in the haunted house.
  • Spent a whole 6 and a half hour shift blasting a song for the water park at the zoo and doing the dance for it with one of my coworkers.
  • Have been stalked by a lady that comes to the zoo like everyday. She wanted to take pictures of everyone who works in our department and make a scrapbook even though none of us know her. We have deemed her “the wheel chair lady”, even though she can walk.
  • Got scared shitless at the haunted house (multiple times) when I was supposed to be the one scaring people.
  • Got a visit from Tone and Martin.
  • Won a Luigi stuffed animal at the carnival.
  • Made like 15 new facebook friends, lol
  • Laughed so hard I almost peed my pants because of a story one of my coworkers told me. (Not sure I wanna share the story, but if you ask nicely I might).
  • Bought a new bike, and got a new microwave.
  • Not to mention my wicked awesome henna-tattoo on my wrist the means “lucky” in chinese. At least thats what its supposed to mean. lol
  • And most importantly, made about 7000 dollars 😀

P290710_21.14Now I’m officially back. I move back to my apartment next week. But before that I have a couple things planned. The end of the summer party at work, a trip to Oslo, a trip to Sweden and a trip to Hemsedal. Then its back in Bergen for school and the start of another awesome semester.

Life is good.


4 comments on “I’m not dead, yet

    • Hehe, yep! Me too, except for that I’m probably the most easily scared person, like, ever.
      Haha. Yes they are. I’ve learned that this summer ;P

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