Hey cupcake

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I love sweets. End of statement.

One of the things I like best is baking sweets and then getting to enjoy them. Since I am no longer working this summer me and my cousin Sam decided to cure our boredom by baking cupcakes. They started out being vanilla, ended up being swirled with chocolate. They also started out with white vanilla icing, and ended up with orange vanilla icing. Needless to say, we don’t follow the rules of recipe very well, but we make some damn good cupcakes.

Blonde moment of the day:
I had put the cupcakes in the oven, and then went to check on them 10 minutes later, only to find very undercooked cupcakes. Turns out it helps a little when the oven is actually turned on. Who’da thunk?



13 comments on “Hey cupcake

  1. Sweets are a treat, acually since your not working this summer why not sell them? Seriously everybody loves a sweet treat i`m about to start doing cakes and cookies for profit.

      • hell sell and eat them too, that could gain u a few extra dollars to $50 – $100
        i’ve sold several dozen of my cookies in a day and earned more than $200

        give it a try

          • Selling 10 to 20 dozen of cookies in a day is not hard at all or in your case cupcakes, get your batters all made up or even place them in the fridge over night…i was doing 4 to 6 dozens of cookies per hr and basicaly did baking for about 6 hrs total…so start baking early as possible or even at nite.

    • The being able to eat them part is the best part! I would hate to spend a bunch of time baking stuff when I don’t even get to enoy it. lol ;P

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