“The Big Easy”

I am an avid reader of Cosmo. If I can’t get my hands on the magazine itself, you will definitely find me on their website. I don’t always agree with what they say or write about, but there is always something to make me smile or to peak my interests. As of right now I like the article “The Big Easy”. Its an article that reveals the most and least well endowed cities in the United States. It kinda made me smile. Starting from worst to best, the list goes as follows:

  • Dallas
  • Philadelphia
  • Detroit
  • Los Angeles  (bahahha. made me laugh)
  • Denver
  • Boston
  • Columbus
  • Indianapolis
  • Miami
  • Seattle
  • Saint Louis
  • Chicago
  • San Francisco
  • Atlanta
  • Portland
  • Pheonix
  • New York City
  • San Diego
  • Washington D.C.
  • And the number one is… New Orleans. Looks like Mardi Gras isn’t all they have to offer.

2 comments on ““The Big Easy”

  1. haha, that’s funny that dallas is the worst because i was once browsing at a bookstore and i started reading this book called “the WORST towns in the USA” or something and it was all shitty, tiny towns…and dallas

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