There’s only fun times ahead.

I am officially registered for college, Fall Semester 2010.

I love it, and I hate it. I love it because the past year at college has been amazing. Living in Bergen, meeting new people, experiencing new things and basically loving life. Who can say no to that? I’m hoping that this semester/year will be even better since I now have a year of college under my belt and know what to expect.

I hate it because this semester I have signed up for 4 courses instead of 3. That kinda makes it sound like I chose them, but really they are all mandatory for my degree, or trust me I would have chosen others. They are Organization and Leadership in Projects, Object Oriented Programming, Databases I and Computers and Operative Systems. It might sound a little heavy, but in reality its just another day in the neighborhood. The class that I am least looking forward to is actually the leadership and organization class. I’ve never been good at those kinds of courses, so I don’t think it’ll go too well. We’ll see I guess.

It feels good to be signed up already. Kinda makes it a reality that in only 5 days I’ll be on my way back to Bergen and living in my new apartment with the two best roommates a girl could ask for, Tone and Tora.

There’s only fun times ahead.


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