No one can touch us if we pick up a star

Mario Kart Love Song is by far the most amazing and cute love song I have ever heard.

No one that I have ever met hasn’t liked Mario Kart or Super Mario Bros or some version of their many games. They are all awesome. Whenever I hear this song it brings be back to the old days when I used to play with all my friends. If I ever get married, I’m sure I’ll play this song at my wedding, that’s how cute I think it is.

Mario Kart ❤


4 comments on “No one can touch us if we pick up a star

  1. Mario Bros rules the game world, they have been around for to many yrs and only keep getting better and better. I’ve never played Mario Cart though also i still have a super Nintendo which i`ll be plugging back up soon.

    • Yeah, they do rule they gaming world. I like playing Mario Kart on wii, but you can’t beat the old school Nintendo systems that we used to play. Its like a flashback.

      You should totally try out Mario Kart. Its my favorite Mario game.

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