I was looking through all my old facebook pictures today and I realized something. I miss my pink hair. It was awesome, electric and it actually suited me. Basically it was legit. But now I’m apparently too old for that kind of stuff. Next thing I know I’m going to have to lose my lip ring too. I don’t like when people can look at someone and say that something about how they look is childish, and that they can’t be grown up because of it. I’m 20. I’m adult whether I have my lip pierced or not.



7 comments on “Pink!

    • Hehe, I haven’t done it. I took it out everyday for work, but it always went back afterwards. I think it will be awhile before I let it close. I love it 😀

  1. Girl please! i’m older than you and my hair is fire engine red and i`m PROUD OF IT! i wear it well and to those who have said it looks childish thats only because their to damn old to remember their own childhood lol.

    Its a silly world where people are so concerned about another persons looks than theirs. Go ahead and do pink again, looks cool on you besides regular black, brown and blonde are boring…total snooze fest when your a plain jane.

    stand out from the crowd…at any age

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