Yeah I totally don’t know how to spell ‘aykaramba’, but I tried. Don’t shoot me.

Anyways. I’m not dead again. Life’s been busy(read: Life’s be awesome).

  • I went to the end of summer party at work and had a blast. Had cookie day with my cousin Sam, and made a huge cookie (and 3 dozen small) that was decidedly orgasmic if I do say so myself.
  • Went on a road trip with my mom, sister, the sister’s boy and my cousin. Started off going to Oslo to get my passport renewed. Let me just say the American Embassy there is ridiculous. The security there is off the hook. Its Norway people, not Iraq, no one is going to bomb you. (That sounded a little racist, but its really only a joke)
  • Then we were off to Sweden. Bought my alcohol, a bottle of normal vodka and 5 different flavors of absolutt. Party days, I welcome you with open arms. I bought a new straightener and Orvil popcorn. Yum! Oh and a Monster energy drink cause they don’t have those in Norway
  • Then we were off to Hemsedal. We took the ski lift up the mountain there and went on a hike. I’m proud of myself because I am normally the epitome of lazy. Then we went to my uncles house and had homemade pizza and wine.
  • Then it was off to Bergen. Fuck yeah! Now I’m in Bergen in my apartment getting things together. I went to IKEA and bought all the furniture and put it all together because I am awesome like that. Now I’m waiting for my roommates to finally come home again. Its gonna be wicked awesome.
  • On monday we are having the kick-off week for school. I am going to be a ‘fadder’ which is basically a big-sister to all the first years that study what I study. Which translates to a week and a half of partying with people I’ve never met before. Sounds fun yeah?
  • Then its time to get into school again before we start planning our house warming party. Which is gonna be off the hook, if I do say so myself.

And now when I look back and read over what I just wrote, I am totally glad that I nevered wanted to be a writer when I grew up, because I suck at it. I just started off most of my sentences with ‘then’. Man its no wonder I almost failed english.


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