Watch me rise, just to watch me fall.

The past week has just been, wow, fucking amazing and fucking horrible.

I had a great kick-off week with all my new people and some old people of mine. We partied, danced, laughed and had an amazing time. The last day of awesomeness was the pubcrawl. We went to five different pubs in Bergen, did challenges to get the most points and had a chance to get to know each other better. That night was when the horrible-ness started.

I met an old friend and we had decided to go to Burger King to get a midnight snack. It was raining hard so me and my smart self decided that we would run across the street and hop the fence, so that we didn’t have to go around. Lets just say it worked for him and his long legs, my short legs didn’t stand a chance. Needless to say I ate shit, landed right on my back. I thought that all was well until about 15 min later I was having excruciating pain in my stomach/right side. At first I just thought it was that time of month pains, but then it got worse, way worse.

Long story short I ended up in the hospital for a couple days. At first they had no idea what was wrong with me. They did lots of tests, didn’t feed me and basically just waited. Finally on saturday night they decided that it was most likely appendicitis, and I would have to have surgery to get it removed. Ok, I was down with that because by then I was sick of the pain. Sunday morning after the surgery I get a visit from the doc to tell me about the surgery.

They had cut me open in 3 places and my stomach and when they went to take out the appendix they found that it was the most perfect appendix a person can have, I bet they felt like retards. They then decided to look around a little more to find the cause of my pain. Turns out I had some cysts on my right ovary that didn’t like the fall I had taken earlier and decided to pop. The doc then removed all those, took the appendix as well just to be on the safe side I guess, and sent me home sunday evening.

My mom and my sister decided to drive to my apartment (a 9 hour drive) to take care of me. And that’s basically what has been happening the past couple days. I haven’t been allowed to do anything myself. But now they are gone. I’m home alone, and I’ve decided to use my healing time to study since I’ve missed lots of school (I’m responsible like that).

Doesn’t this just sound like the perfect way to kick-off the school year?

What can I say, I have style.


4 comments on “Watch me rise, just to watch me fall.

    • It was actually only the one surgery. They had gone in thinking it was appendicitis, but found out that it wasn’t and that it was infact cysts. But it was painful just the same. Thanks for the well-wishes though 😀 I hope I’ll be up and back to normal soon 😀

  1. I’m a big sports fan, and my favorite sport is football (American football) and my favorite football team is the Seattle Seahawks and the day they played in the Superbowl, the biggest televised event in the country, I had tremendous stomach pains and had to go to the hospital where the doctors told me I had to have my appendix taken out. I, in high school at the time, immediately started crying because I would have to miss the Superbowl. But since I was 18 they couldn’t legally operate without my consent (yes, I was 18 and crying because I couldn’t watch a football game, pretty pathetic I know) I refused to have surgery until after the game (of course had this been life threatening I would have taken the surgery over the game…I think). Luckily the surgeon on call said that would be okay, so I got to watch the biggest sporting event of my life from the comfort of a hospital bed. My team lost by the way, so a pretty bad day. But at least it really was appendicitis and not cysts.

    Hope you’re feeling better by now.

    • I totally would have chosen the Superbowl over the surgery too. Maybe not for the Seahawks, but definitely for my Cowboys 🙂

      Thanks, btw. I am all healed now and back to my normal self. Yay!

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