Anger: One Letter Short of Danger

Tumblr_l42aw9oz3m1qb0yg3o1_400_largeAnd I am dangerously close to hurting someone who made me angry.
More than angry actually.
Pissed-off, livid, infuriated, outraged, exacerbated, enraged.
All pretty good descriptions.

True Story:

Today we had to turn in a programming project that consisted of 4 different programs.

I finished my part of the project last wednesday and emailed them to my partner.

I got a text the next day saying she looked them over and that they looked good and worked fine.

Today, 2 hours before the project was due, I get a text asking which of the questions I did.

I responded with the ones I took and the ones she was supposed to take.

The reply I got was “Oops, looks like I did the wrong programs. I’m at work right now so I can’t do the right ones. Can you write them and turn them in?”

First thought through my head, was “Are you fucking kidding me!?!”

If I was the killing type she would have had problems. Luckily for her I wrote the programs and turned them in, but the ended up being an hour late.

If we fail, its her fault.

I think the worst part isn’t that she’s had my finished programs for 4 days now, its that she never even said please or thank you for how much work I’ve done.

Norwegian can kind of suck sometimes when it comes to politeness.


6 comments on “Anger: One Letter Short of Danger

    • I talked to my professor dude already. He knows I do most of the work, so he gives me all this leniency and she doesn’t get any. But whatev. There’s another guy who asked to work with me so we just might do it us three, which wouldn’t be so bad…

  1. Stop getting angry, this is life. Life is not fair; get used to it and move on.
    Karma has a cool way of biting A-holes in the ass. If you get in the habit of getting angry with people you need to work with, you will have a hard time in your next 50 odd years of dealing with people at work…..

    Life will never get easier. The choice of how YOU react to what life throws at you, is always yours. It is always a choice.

    I hope my comment does not piss you off, and through you off the edge…

    If it does…I would recommend talking to a professional while laying on a sofa, taking prescription medication, or resulting to violent actions.

    If out of all 3 option I gave you – you picked violent actions… I would recommend talking to a professional – a lawyer this time…

    Smile, and take it easy…


    I know you will not get this now…but…youth is wasted on the young, life is not fair…

    • Hahaha. No your comment did not make me angry, it actually made me laugh. I’m definitely not a violent person.
      This was just me venting. I don’t like staying angry for a long time because it effects everything around me. I just like to vent one or two times, and then for get about it.
      Life is wasted if you stay angry and hold grudges, so I don’t.

  2. “No your comment did not make me angry, it actually made me laugh”. FTW – for you young people that – For The Win.

    Success again…Keep laughing, I am going come back and read some more, love your blog….

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