We always say we’re gonna stop..

Last weekend was just, wow.

We had an old friend from school visiting, so lots of ish went down.

We had a scary movie night, went shopping (lots), a Sex and the City night, and, of course, a night on the town.

Let’s just say that, in hindsight, vodka, tequila, beer and whiskey doesn’t make the best combination.

We started off just us 4 girls drinking and dancing at home. Fun stuff.

Then, our friend’s band was playing at a bar, so we went to watch them play. Afterwards we kind of hopped from place to place.

We made new friends. I got a bracelet from a random dude.

I told creeper dudes I was a lesbian to get them to leave me alone, my roommate started talked to arabic to people and our friend kept asking people for massages.
Wow, we make a good team.

Lillian 060 Lillian 064 Lillian 077 Lillian 093Lillian 088 Lillian 089  Lillian 095   Lillian 106


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