Seasons are changing, and I love it.

Today was such an amazing day. It was nice to wake up on the weekend and not be hungover or reduced by alcohol. To top it off it was amazing outside; fresh air, no clouds, leaves on the ground.

Me and Tora woke up early-ish and walked to the library to study for a couple hours.

When we couldn’t stand anymore we went shopping for a little bit where I bought that most amazing coffee mugs. Their design is called Ink – Love & Luck. The best was that they were on sale for 40% off. I love that!


Then we went to a new American cafe called Eat My Muffins. I am in love with that place now. They have all kinds of cupcakes and muffins and coffee. Its heaven on earth. It sucked that my other roomie, Tone, couldn’t come cause she would have loved it. I got an oreo cupcake and Tora got a carrot-cake cupcake. Mine was a little crooked, but both were amazing!


Looks like my bad luck is wearing off, and I finally had a day where nothing wrong.

Now its time to write up a couple programs, so that tomorrow I don’t have anything to do besides workout, and go to the movies.  


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