Surprisingly, chiropractors do not equal death.

When I was younger my mom used to have to go to the chiropractor a couple times of week because she suffered back and neck problems. I remember that I was supposed to wait in the waiting room, but I always got bored and wandered back to where my mom was. The things I saw there were kind of traumatizing. All these contraptions that were pulling on people necks and legs, they looked like torture devices. Don’t even get me started on the first time I saw her doctor adjust her neck. I mean don’t get me wrong, he’s cool guy, but he kind of scared me after that. I vowed then and there that no one would ever do that to me.

That was until last weekend when I hurt my neck. I went 6 days hoping the pain would go away. Well guess what, it didn’t. So I sucked it up and went to the chiropractor. I got the whole evaluation of my injuries, and then the doctor lady told me to lay on her table. I instantly had a flashback to my mom and her chiropractor. I was told to calm down and just relax, that everything would be fine. After the first 5 attempts, where I kept tensing at the last second so she couldn’t adjust my neck, she finally got me to relax enough to let her do it. Let me tell you people, if you’ve never had it done go find a chiropractor now. It was scary and a very weird feeling, but now I feel amazing! Even better that I did before I hurt my neck.

What a day this has been so far. I fixed my neck and got over my fear of chiropractors and its not even 10:30. Go me!


2 comments on “Surprisingly, chiropractors do not equal death.

    • Hehe, its probably best if you just don’t hurt yourself, cause it might take awhile to work up to letting some random person crack your neck and spine. It took me awhile at least lol ;P

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