So today I went to my first yoga class ever. Yes, we did all these poses that have a bunch of weird names.

  • Downward Facing Dogdownward facing dog: now I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve never seen a dog doing that.
  • corpse pose: we basically just laid there. I did kind of feel like I was dead.

  • Child's Pose 1 - Balasanachild’s pose: now this one I understand. I totally used to sleep like that as a kid.
  • cat-cow: I kind of felt like Beyoncé when we did this one. “Drop to ya knees, hunch back girl. Shake, shake it like that alley cat.

We also did some poses that didn’t have funny names, so no sense in mentioning them. All in all it was pretty cool, I think. It was harder than I thought it was, meaning I used more muscle than I thought I would. But it was relaxing at the same time. Definitely going to become a weekly thing, and at the end of it I will be able to do this.. My goal is to be able to do this:


4 comments on “Yoga!

    • Hehe. Yeah I’m pretty sure I would break my back if I tried that. I heard it takes a couple years of steady practice to be able to do that. It takes awhile but it would be fun to say you can do it ;-P

  1. I fucking heart yoga. Stick with it. I was horribly inflexible once (and am once again, thank you 2-month vacay/business trip), and still am in many respects but… the thing about yoga is everyone is inflexible in some way. Yet, you’ll find the way you are really flexible, and then feel like a yoga stud.

    I highly recommend Ashtanga, btw. If you’re looking for recommendations. You are, right? This is the “advice” section?

    • I too am horrible inflexible, but today after my second yoga class I could touch my toes! Hehe, it doesn’t sound very impressive, but for anyone who know me it is. 😉
      Its Ashtanga that I have heard the best praise about and tried doing. So I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ll stick with. I thought it was a lot of fun and very relaxing. I’ve signed my self up for 2 classes a week, but if I can find time for more, I totally will 🙂

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