C’est la vie

Life, life, life. Right now I love you.

  • Had my first exam of the semester today. It went really well.
    Not that I thought it was going to go bad or anything.
    Its just nice to know all that studying paid off.P031210_13.43
  • Its really starting to feel like Christmas season here in Bergen. The pond thing in town is frozen solid now, so people are allowed to go ice skating around the huge Christmas tree in middle of it. Its really pretty, but I don’t dare try it. I get
    these flashes of the ices breaking and me suffering a cold, horrible death if I even get near the ice. Hehe.
  • Me and one of my roommates finally planned our trip to Paris! Yay. We
    just have to wait until payday so that we can afford the tickets.
    It’ll be 5 days/4 nights right in the heart of Paris. I LOVE IT!
    Looks like somebody has to touch up on their french soon.

Two more exams until its Christmas vacation for me. I can’t wait because that  also means its not long until my 21st birthday! Like I said… Life, I love you.


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