Have a very merry christmas!

Today is my 21st birthday! Yay for me! Too bad in Norway 21 isn’t such a big thing. Here its 18 and 20 that are a big deal.
Anyways, Christmas has been amazing! We have had lots of laughs, good food and fun times. I even got my own iPad! Yay! So that’s once again where i’m blogging from. I swear this thinghas apps for everything. For worpress, facebook, vlc, new york times. Its pretty awesome. My dad was even so awesome as to go all out and get 3G which I have internet everywhere I go. Man I have best parents/family ever!
Now I’m looking forward to new years. First I guess I have to come up with a resolution. Any ideas? I have no idea.

Hope everyone has had an amazing holiday season!


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