I should become a magician…

…the way I keep disappearing. Or maybe I should become a pilot. They always have somewhere to disappear to.
In two weeks I’ll be disappearing to Paris. I bought a two way ticket, but man I would love if I could just stay there forever.
Is it just me or does anyone else think it would be wicked awesome to just pack a bag, go to the aiport, choose the first flight out of the country and just go with it. Never planning ahead. Just traveling where ever until you run out of money or end up back home?
I’ve always fantasized about doing that. Maybe when I graduate and have no more obligations I will finally do it.


6 comments on “I should become a magician…

    • Hehe, well for me its pretty easy considering I used to wear sweatshirts in the summer in California, I’d most likely just need warm clothes where ever I went, lol.

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