Under Attack

I despise when this happens. You think you have everything under control. Things are going fine.

Then out of the blue its like “Sass, do this.” “Sass, do that.” “Sass, read this.” “Sass, write that.” “Sass, you have to meet me here when I say because that’s what is convenient for me, who gives a shit if you already had plans.”

All I wanted to do today was go to my lecture, read a couple chapters out of my book and work out. Now my head is spinning with everything people expect me to do.

Get off my back folks. Thanks.


2 comments on “Under Attack

  1. THANK YOU! Perfect summation to my life. The good news is it gets worse as you get older… oh, so the bad news. Eh. Point is: it doesn’t get any easier. My advice: learn to roll with it.

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