I hate disappointment.
That has to be one of the worst feelings I know of. Whether I’m diasspointed in myself, people around me or in things that have(n’t) happened, it sucks.

The newest disappointment I’m facing right now is my cancelled trip to California.
It is now 2 years since the last time I was stateside.
2 years since I have had Del Taco, In n Out, Legends.
2 years since I’ve seen the majority of my family
2 years since I have seen my 3 besties in the entire world
2 years since I have had PinkBerry or ColdStone
2 years since I have been able to hear everyone around me speaking my favorite language (english)
2 years since I have felt real warmth
2 years since I’ve been able to see a movie when it comes out, and not 4 months later
2 years since I’ve been to the beach/boardwalk
2 years since I’ve been to an amusement park
2 years since I have had normal food

This feels like a repeat of my Euro Trip/Epic Fail with my cousin. We had this amazing plan for all the places we were going to travel, and it all fell through because of the stupid rules americans have when the travel abroad.

This time though, my disappointment comes in the form of exams. Two of my exams are scheduled for the week I was planning on coming back. Go fucking figure.

Why not go a little bit later you ask?
Turns out the I have two more exams right after easter vacation too. FML.

Why not take some time off school you ask?
Not even I am smart enough to be able to take 2 weeks of schools between exams and still hope to pass with good grades. And anything less than 2 weeks in the States wouldn’t be worth the money I have to dish out.

The silver lining?
2 of my besties are (hopefully) gonna find a way to come out here. Its not the same, but its definitely the next best thing. A little taste of California is better than nothing at all.

Oh, and there’s always Paris next week. At least that didn’t fall through.


4 comments on “Disappointment

    • Unfortunately, not possible. I can push the exams until the next time they offer the courses and take them then, but the my scholarship gets turned into a loan. Plus if I put them off until then I would be taking 7 exams that semester. The whole school situation in Norway is whack if you ask me. Hehe.

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