Tone Deaf Much?

I have known for years now that I am one of THE most tone deaf people on this planet.
Like, for serious, no joke.

I don’t know if everyone did this when they were younger, but my sister, our best friend and I used to play this singing game. What we would do is, one person would put on head phones and a song of their choice, and would have to sing the song without hearing what they sounded like.
Basically the other two just had to laugh.

For my sister and our friend, it was uber fun. They were good singers, so really, it was just me that got laughed at.

That didn’t bother me. By then I had totally embraced my tone deafness.

The one thing I never realized (until I stumbled upon this little piece of typography) is that I can use my tone deafness to help get a better outlook on life.

There is no problem too big for my tone deafness to conquer.

Next time you have a problem to deal with, just sing.
If you’re anywhere as bad as I am, you’ll feel better for sure.


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