Back to real life

Paris was Ah-mazing!
I had forgotten just how much I love that city.
I wish I could have taken more time off school and satyed longer. We had just enought time to see all the usual tourist haunts: the Effiel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, Arc of Triumph, the Catacombes, the Louvre and all the other popular places to see.

We also had time to shop on Champs Elysees a couple times (wasn’t very cheap, but totally awesome), find as many starbucks as possible, count all the people walking around with baguettes (at least 30 each day), ride around on the metro without any destination in mind and meet up with a friend that lives in Paris.

We stumbled our way through communicating in french (we remembered less french than we thought), we bought alcohol from a grocery store, drank wine at lunch, ate ‘real’ french food and had a waiter thinking we tipped him because he was hot (which he was, but we tipped him because he was a good waiter).

Unfortunately, I still wasn’t able to see a cabaret at Moulin Rouge, which is something I really want to do. And I had a scare the somebody had gotten access to my bank account and emptied it out because my card stopped working and the bank was telling me I had no more money to take out. Luckily I had just used my limit of out of country withdrawls.

I am now a couple hundred dollars poorer, but I have a bunch of new memories that make it worht it. I’m already trying to plan when I’ll be able to swing another trip out there.

Maybe this summer when my bestie comes to visit?


4 comments on “Back to real life

  1. Nice pics. I was in Paris last summer and I had a great time. Was there for 7 days. I went to Moulin Rouge and it was the least interesting part of my trip.
    So I don’t think you missed that much.

    • Thanks! Its kind of disappointing to hear that about Moulin Rouge though. I’ve seen the movie and such, and I just picture it as this off the wall experience. Maybe its better I didn’t go so that it doesn’t ruin how I picture it. hehe

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