Welcome to the world of touch!

Since the launch of the new iPad things have been changing.

Everyone with old iPads are wondering why they didn’t wait for the next version (except for me cause I love my ‘old school’ iPad), and people who want to buy one are wondering if they should grab the opportunity now or wait until the third generation.

In my opinion, the new iPad isn’t all that and a bag of chips. Its smaller? Who cares, the iPad is already small. Its thinner? Really, I’ve had cellphones heavier than my iPad. Its faster? Speed is overrated.
I’ll tell you something Apple, fix the flash problem and I’ll upgrade. You can keep your speed and size changes.

That was all kind of off topic. I was really supposed to be writing about WordPress and iPads. Has anyone seen the new layouts they’ve made especially for readers with iPads?

Personally, I think they are awesome. I’m totally going to stop reading on my laptop and only use my iPad.

Every blog is like one big app. You don’t have to aim your finger perfectly to hit the right link, or make the text larger than life so that your fingers don’t hit the wrong links. Everything is clickable, slideable or scrollable. And it can still be customized by using pictures that you want as a header or cover.

Moral of this post? Find someone with an iPad and start reading blogs from there 🙂


4 comments on “Welcome to the world of touch!

  1. I am not a fan of apple products in general. People seem to buy their stuff without knowing why they should even buy them. It is just a name thing for most people.

    • I agree. A lot of people just hear Apple and automatically assume its awesomeness. Earlier I refused to buy anything apple because it wasn’t worth the money, but these days Apple lives up to the expectations. At least most of the time they do.

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