Morning Mood Boosters?

I despise mornings. I am the total opposite of a morning person. I guess I would call myself an anti-morning person.

You know that phrase ‘woke up on the wrong-side of the bed’? Well, that applies for me no matter what bed, or what side of the bed.

So naturally, when I came across an article about morning mood boosters, I was interested. Maybe then I wouldn’t feel like such a bitch right? Wrong. Most of the things on the list would put me into an even worse mood. Just look at them and see if you would want to do those right when you wake up.

  1. Pick one “spoil-me” task to do: When you wake up, give yourself 30 seconds to think of at least one nice thing you can do for yourself that day…and then do it.

    Now this I could do. Spoiling myself sounds like the perfect thing to do in the morning.

  2. Eat a well-balanced meal: Start your morning with a nutritious mix of complex carbohydrates and proteins.

    Breakfast makes me sick to my stomach if I eat something heavy, so no thanks.

  3. Get some fresh air: Head out for some “green exercise”.

    Really? I hate the outside. The outside has bugs. Bugs make me feel dirty. Not a good feeling in the morning.

  4. Listen to the sounds of nature: Capture the benefits of the great outdoors

    We don’t have nature sounds where I live. We hear the cars and our neighbors shouting, while their dog barks.

  5. Focus on feeling good: Right after waking up, take five deep breaths and make the decision to feel good for the day.

    I am not big on the power of positive thinking cause then I feel suckier if things go wrong. What is that saying? If you’re a pessimist at least you won’t be let down?

  6. Drink hot chocolate: A recent study found that sipping a drink containing cocoa flavonols improved participants’ moods and levels of alertness.

    Now this I am totally down with. Anything to do with chocolate, especially in the morning, is a mood booster.

  7. Take a moment to assess yourself: Take five minutes to pay attention to your body and notice if you feel any stiffness, then do some light stretching while breathing deeply.

    Another thing I totally agree with. I’m almost always stiff when I wake up, so this is a must for me.

  8. Envision the negative: Think about a positive event from your life, and then imagine what your life would be like if the event hadn’t happened.

    This sounds more like a thanksgiving thing than a morning thing if you ask me.

  9. Breathe in some mint: Researchers found that sniffing peppermint enhanced mood and attention while also fighting fatigue.

    Yes, please! Peppermint smells amazing!

  10. Smile.

    The best and easiest thing on the list. I love smiling. I’m an automatic smiler even when I’m in a bad mood. So this one is a piece of cake.


After all this, if you still feel like an anti-morning person… Don’t worry I do too.


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