Ever been standing in an elevator with two people you’re almost positive you’ve met before, but can’t be sure?

And as you are trying to figure out where you could have seen them, one of them smiles at you.

But you can’t decide if its because he recognizes you too, or if he is smiling because you are kind of staring.

So when the elevator opens, you get right off because everything got a little awkward, only to realize you got off two floors too early and both guys are getting out with you.

Then you walk into the cafeteria on that floor to buy an orange juice so it looks like you had something to do there. And when you finally get away and can walk up the next two floors you realize that you will never be a ninja, because that was totally the opposite of inconspicuous.

That was my morning this morning. Now I’m sad because my back up plan if college fell through was totally to become a ninja.


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