Snap back to reality

Back in Norway after my ah-mazing vacation in Spain.

I definitely was’t ready to leave, because now I’m back to reality where I have to semester projects to finish by next friday, and exams after that.

But none of that will put a damper on my memories. We had a few drunken nights playing secret asian man, paying 1,5 € for a beer and 2 € for tequila shots, trespassing on golf courses and of course laughing at the stupid things people say when they are a little passed tipsy:

“South africa? Are you sure of that? I thought she was from a specific country.”

“Im an excellent breeder assistent…. Even ask your aunt debbie!”

“It was like pure wissshhkey.”

“Glow dance? What the hell does that have to do with a sobriety test?”

We also had ice cream everyday, went shopping, found swapmeets and hung out at the beach. All in all, it was very relaxing.

I will definitely miss the sunshine and being able to wear shorts and t-shirts with no jacket.


5 comments on “Snap back to reality

    • Haha, well mostly its just being really ninja and running around hiding behind things, jumping out at other peope and using hand signals to communicate. Lol. Its something I made up when I was drunk a few years back, and like to play every so often when I’m under the influence. Hehe.

  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve been on that beach before… Where were you? I can’t remember for the life of me the name of the place but it was somewhere in the south of Spain.
    Also, super jealous of your vacation!

    • The pictures of the beach where in Albir, Spain which is like 45 min outside of Alicante. It was an amazing place to visit. I want to go back so bad!

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