Epic awesomeness!

So, as you’ve might have noticed the past year or so everyone has gone around saying “epic fail”, right? It kind of became a trend.

Well, I don’t know if its just here in Norway, but there is no postive way to turn around ‘epic fail’ unless you just say epic… Which is kind of boring. So, I decided that the opposite of ‘epic fail’ is ‘epic awesomeness’.

Anyways, back to my point. This past monday was total epic awesomeness!

It was the day before Norway’s independence day, so as a tradition, we all went out and got trashed.

It was definitely a good time, but just let me tell you this. If anyone dares you to shoot three Flatliners in a row, it would be best to say ‘no, thanks’ rather than ‘if you will, I will’.

Unfortunatly, I can’t go into that much detail about what made it so awesome because the details are a bit fuzzy, but it toally was. Hehe.

But once again, its back to reality and exams. I have one on monday, and the I have a two week break, and then two more in quick succession.

The sucky part? I went in to buy my pensum book for one of my exams and they were sold out. Its gonna be 10 days before they can get the book in, as in less than a week before the exam. Now THAT is an epic fail.

Oh well, that’s life. You got to roll withthe punches I guess.


5 comments on “Epic awesomeness!

  1. I can’t bring myself to say ‘epic fail’, but I do like to add epic to everything. When we go out on the weekend and I’m trying to get people to keep going I tell them everything is going to be epic. This next bar is going to be epic. The band is going to be epic. The hangover is going to be epic.

    • Hey! Yes, I am still alive. Haven’t been around the blogging world much to read or to write. Life’s been so busy. But hopefully that will change soon 😀

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