Locks and Bonds

I bet from reading the title you thought this post was going to be about S&M, bondage or some other type of kinky sex, right? Hehe, gotcha! Its totally not, but I’m sure that if that’s what you’re really after you could just type it into Google and get tons of hits.

Anyways. Where was I?

That’s right, Locks and Bonds. As in hair extensions of course! I just ordered them yesterday, so if all goes well I’ll have them by the end of next week. I’m so excited. I’ve been contemplating buying extensions for years now, because no matter how long I let my hair grow, it never gets long enough.

I always put off the buying though. Either they were too expensive, or they would damage my hair, or I wanted to dye my hair a new color first. But now I’ve found the perfect extensions. They are temporarily permanent I tip hair extensions. Hehe sounds weird yeah?

What that means is they are basically fusion extensions that don’t involve the fusion. There is this little ring that you thread you’re hair through and clip into place, and ba-da-boom ba-da-bing, you’ve just lengthened you hair.

That’s 250 bucks well spent if you ask me!