Just another manic Monday

Today was the Monday from hell. It utterly kicked my ass.


  • Woke up half an hour late, which led to being half an hour late for school
  • Choked on the first bite of my banana. Don’t ask me how.
  • Waited an hour to try finishing my breakfast to avoid any more choking and spilled my yoghurt all over myself and my backpack.
  • Spent an hour trying to download a program onto my computer that I apparently already had.
  • Got my hair stuck in my backpack so that when I went to drop it on the floor while I was standing, I almost ripped out my hair. (One of my extensions did lose the battle)
  • Went down to the grocery, stood in line and went to go pay only to realize I didn’t have my bank card with me.
  • Dropped my phone while sitting in a information lecture and of course the pieces spread as far as possible, so it was impossible to discreetly pick them up.
  • Put my water bottle in my backpack but didn’t see it was open, so my work out clothes got soaked.
  • Got home to finish working on my semester project only to realize the program I was spent so long trying to download was the wrong program.
  • Found out that its going to rain tomorrow, even though the weather Gods promised us a week of sun.

In other words, just another day in paradise my life.



Don’t you just hate…

This is how school makes me feel:

Don’t you just hate the day, hell even the week, before an exam.

You know you should be reading but you just can’t find the willpower to pick up your book and start.

Eveything else looks so much funner: your computer, cooking, cleaning, sleeping, partying, blogging.

Today is St. Patrick’s day and I don’t even get to celebrate because of my exam tomorrow.

Fuck whoever thought March 18 was a good day to have a database exam.

So you think you can party?

Everyone knows the show So You Think You Can Dance, right?
It’s a pretty awesome show if you ask me. They are all really talented.

Well, one of the night clubs in Bergen is holding a competition next month that builds off the same concept.

The competition is called So You Think You Can Party. The name is pretty self explanatory, but I’ll tell you the details for the hell of it.

You can either be a single participant or a group of participants, and the jist is to throw the best party. The party has to be at the nightclub (very good advertisment for them, migght I add) and is just based on the atmosphere of the party, the number of guests who show up and how much money is made.

The prize is a whopping 30 000 NOK, which is about 5000 USD. Not bad if you ask me.

If I was any good at planning big parties, I would totally participate. The experience alone would most definitely be amazing, and winning would be doubly awesome.

Its going to be an interesting couple of weeks when the parties start happening. I totally can’t wait!

Take that!

In my opinion, one of the best feelings in the world is accomplishing something when people say you won’t be able to do it, or that its ok to give up because ‘it might be a bit too hard for you’.

I mean really, can you get more condescending than that?

Personally, it makes me work harder when people say that because one of my favorite pass-times is proving people wrong. Plus, its doubly satisfying at the end when you’ve accomplished the ‘unaccomplishable’.

The reason I brought this up was because I just turned in a pretty damn good report, if I do say so myself, where my professor had told me, ‘You can just come to me for help whenever, since it will probably be too hard for you’.

So, take that Mr.

Turns out I didn’t need your help.

Kiss My A**!

Time for a rant about a program that is pivotal for my degree.

Its called MySQL which is a program for managing a database. We have to make to create, mange and write query codes for databases.

Now, I won’t go into very much detail about it, because if you don’t know about it, it will be pretty boring.

But here is the main point of my rant:

I have spent the last 2 and half hours trying to fix 4 lines of code that were 100% CORRECT! And it is totally MySQL’s fault.

The point was to write a code that shows a warning if you try to enter data in the database that dissatisfies certain conditions. Instead of getting a warning, I kept getting a message saying I had an error in the synthax of the code.

When I asked my teacher what I was doing wrong (after 2 and a half frusterating hours) he told me that my code was completely right and MySQL was having a spasm attack because I was producing the warning when it wanted to be the one to produce it.

Fucking program. That’s 2 and a half hours of my life that I’ll never get back.

Old Habits Die Hard

I don’t know about most people, but I am a total creature of habit. I didn’t even realize how habitual I was until today.

Here’s the sitch.

My morning can go one of two ways.

Scenario One:
(I have class at 8:15)
Alarm goes off a six, snooze twice. Get up at 6:20 to turn on my straightner and room heater cause its fuckin cold. Check my email and facebook. Go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. Back to the room, turn on music and straighten my hair. Make-up, then outfit and catch the bus at 7:30.
Since the stores don’t open until 8 I have to buy breakfast at school, which is more or less always a yoghurt and a cup of coffee. And I small talk with the lady or man who works there while I pay. I then go to class and listen to lectures until 4. After that my day varies depending on the day of the week.

Scenario Two:
(I have class at 10)
Alarm goes off a eight, snooze twice. Get up at 8:20 to turn on my straightner and room heater cause its fuckin cold. Check my email and facebook. Go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. Back to the room, turn on music and straighten my hair. Make-up, then outfit and catch the bus at 9:30.
Since the stores are open, I buy breakfast there. Always the same store, almost always the same cashier. Almost always a banana and a chocolate milk (sometimes a muffin). I get to class and listen to lectures until 4. After that my day varies depending on the day of the week.

Do you see how similar my days are? I never realized how much of the same thing I do every.

My moment of clarity came to me this morning when I went to buy breakfast from the school cafeteria. The lady that I normally small talk with asked me where I was monday and thursday last week. It was weird to see that I am so into my habits that she realized I wasn’t there.

That made me stop to think.

Tomorrow I think I’ll try something different.

Under Attack

I despise when this happens. You think you have everything under control. Things are going fine.

Then out of the blue its like “Sass, do this.” “Sass, do that.” “Sass, read this.” “Sass, write that.” “Sass, you have to meet me here when I say because that’s what is convenient for me, who gives a shit if you already had plans.”

All I wanted to do today was go to my lecture, read a couple chapters out of my book and work out. Now my head is spinning with everything people expect me to do.

Get off my back folks. Thanks.

Imagine that

Imagine that you could go to college and get a degree without having to take any exams.

Wouldn’t that just be icing on the cake. Or maybe the cherry on top of the icing on the cake.

I’m stressing about exams. I wish they would go away and never come back. But I have at least one more year after this one filled with exams.

I think I’ll drop out of school and work at McDonald’s.

Yes, they have McDonald’s in Norway. Its just as sucky as in the US.


Emotional Train Wreck

Things have been amazingly horrible the past 2 weeks.

Problems with the apartment (mold, dampness, rats, no ventilation)

Problems with people (drama, drama, drama)

Problems with school (stress, stress, stress)

Yesterday I though everything was going to turn around. I bought my new Ipod Nano Touch, worked out for an hour and half with my roomie Tora, found out our apartment will be fixed by this weekend and basically just had an unstressful day. Until 11:31 p.m.

That’s when my external hard drive took a death plunge right off our living room table. It might not sound like a lot, but we are talking about my electronic life here people (not to mention the hard drive cost me 200 buckaroos). My music, my pictures, my movies, my shows, my programs, my school work. I’m studying computer technology, of course all my shit is on it, or I should say was on it, cause now its gone. My poor baby is broken, and there is no guarantee it can be fixed. After the big fall, I sat in shock for about 2 min before I just started crying. I’m not talking about gut wrenching sobs, just a steady flow of tears to mourn the death of my electronic life.

I need to get out of this bad luck funk, or else I’m pretty sure it will be the death of me.


We always say we’re gonna stop..

Last weekend was just, wow.

We had an old friend from school visiting, so lots of ish went down.

We had a scary movie night, went shopping (lots), a Sex and the City night, and, of course, a night on the town.

Let’s just say that, in hindsight, vodka, tequila, beer and whiskey doesn’t make the best combination.

We started off just us 4 girls drinking and dancing at home. Fun stuff.

Then, our friend’s band was playing at a bar, so we went to watch them play. Afterwards we kind of hopped from place to place.

We made new friends. I got a bracelet from a random dude.

I told creeper dudes I was a lesbian to get them to leave me alone, my roommate started talked to arabic to people and our friend kept asking people for massages.
Wow, we make a good team.

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