Band Night!

Waaah! Last night we had the most awesome night! Project W, Doby Mick and the Bridds were playing at Verftet as part of a battle of the bands type festival in Europe. The atmosphere was amaaaazing! The music was awesome. The people we were wicked talented.

There were only 2 sucky parts of the night. The very expensive beer. It was about 12 dollars a glass. And some of the other bands were just plain scary. They were all really heavy metal, with all there screaming, head banging and moshing. It scared the shit out of me. And to top it all off, once I started to get used to the screaming and stuff, the singer of one band just threw his guitar on the ground and jumped out at the crowd, like right at me and my friend! No one was expecting that so he kind of just fell, but not before I had a heart attack. Never again will I go to a metal concert, or at least I won’t stand so close to the stage.

Here are pictures before we went to the concert. I love MacBooks! Bilde tatt 20.11.2010 kl. 20.07 Bilde tatt 20.11.2010 kl. 20.08 #5 - Copy Bilde tatt 20.11.2010 kl. 20.12 #2 Bilde tatt 20.11.2010 kl. 20.13 #3 Bilde tatt 20.11.2010 kl. 20.14 Bilde tatt 20.11.2010 kl. 20.15 #4 Firedelt bilde fra 20.11.2010 kl. 20.24 #5 Firedelt bilde fra 20.11.2010 kl. 20.24 #10 Firedelt bilde fra 20.11.2010 kl. 20.25 #5 Bilde tatt 20.11.2010 kl. 20.14 #4