Epic awesomeness!

So, as you’ve might have noticed the past year or so everyone has gone around saying “epic fail”, right? It kind of became a trend.

Well, I don’t know if its just here in Norway, but there is no postive way to turn around ‘epic fail’ unless you just say epic… Which is kind of boring. So, I decided that the opposite of ‘epic fail’ is ‘epic awesomeness’.

Anyways, back to my point. This past monday was total epic awesomeness!

It was the day before Norway’s independence day, so as a tradition, we all went out and got trashed.

It was definitely a good time, but just let me tell you this. If anyone dares you to shoot three Flatliners in a row, it would be best to say ‘no, thanks’ rather than ‘if you will, I will’.

Unfortunatly, I can’t go into that much detail about what made it so awesome because the details are a bit fuzzy, but it toally was. Hehe.

But once again, its back to reality and exams. I have one on monday, and the I have a two week break, and then two more in quick succession.

The sucky part? I went in to buy my pensum book for one of my exams and they were sold out. Its gonna be 10 days before they can get the book in, as in less than a week before the exam. Now THAT is an epic fail.

Oh well, that’s life. You got to roll withthe punches I guess.


Don’t you just hate…

This is how school makes me feel:

Don’t you just hate the day, hell even the week, before an exam.

You know you should be reading but you just can’t find the willpower to pick up your book and start.

Eveything else looks so much funner: your computer, cooking, cleaning, sleeping, partying, blogging.

Today is St. Patrick’s day and I don’t even get to celebrate because of my exam tomorrow.

Fuck whoever thought March 18 was a good day to have a database exam.

C’est la vie

Life, life, life. Right now I love you.

  • Had my first exam of the semester today. It went really well.
    Not that I thought it was going to go bad or anything.
    Its just nice to know all that studying paid off.P031210_13.43
  • Its really starting to feel like Christmas season here in Bergen. The pond thing in town is frozen solid now, so people are allowed to go ice skating around the huge Christmas tree in middle of it. Its really pretty, but I don’t dare try it. I get
    these flashes of the ices breaking and me suffering a cold, horrible death if I even get near the ice. Hehe.
  • Me and one of my roommates finally planned our trip to Paris! Yay. We
    just have to wait until payday so that we can afford the tickets.
    It’ll be 5 days/4 nights right in the heart of Paris. I LOVE IT!
    Looks like somebody has to touch up on their french soon.

Two more exams until its Christmas vacation for me. I can’t wait because that  also means its not long until my 21st birthday! Like I said… Life, I love you.

Imagine that

Imagine that you could go to college and get a degree without having to take any exams.

Wouldn’t that just be icing on the cake. Or maybe the cherry on top of the icing on the cake.

I’m stressing about exams. I wish they would go away and never come back. But I have at least one more year after this one filled with exams.

I think I’ll drop out of school and work at McDonald’s.

Yes, they have McDonald’s in Norway. Its just as sucky as in the US.



I have my first exam on Tuesday. Bleh. Its only a math exam so it won’t be too difficult, but it doesn’t make me want to take any more than before. This is why I decided to spent saturday and sunday at my new apartment. We haven’t hooked up the internet  yet, so in theory I won’t have anything to do but study for my upcoming exams and finish my one last project. Lets hope it works out that way because I haven’t gotten much studying done this week. Whæ. Oh well. Whatever happens, happens, right?

Take a minute.Relax.Breathe.

Stress, stress, stress. That’s life right now.

In the past 2 days I’ve been at school for over 17 hours studying. FML

Today is stay-at-home-and-study-here-so-maybe-I-won’t-go-crazy day.

I need more days in my weeks, or at least more hours in my days.

I don’t have time for everything.

The weather is perfect right now, but I can’t be outside to enjoy it.

I’m moving in 9 days, but I don’t have time to pack.

I have projects to finish, so I don’t have time to finish my notes.

I don’t even have time to eat… 3 meals in 2 days can’t be healthy.

I can’t wait for June.

Life will be back to normal.

Happiest Girl in Bergen

So, I’m gonna do the cliché thing here, and write my Christmas vacation post 🙂 Christmas vacation started about 1 hour and 47 minutes ago (give or take a minute). Yes that’s right people, I had my last exam on December 21, which if you ask me is pretty sad considering both my roommates have been done since the 7th of December. I finally get to pack all my stuff and go see family! I am flying up to my sister’s house to spend Christmas with her, my brother-in-law and their 3 kids. Its gonna be awesome. Its been 4 months since I’ve seen them, and over a year since I was actually at their house. So I’m really looking forward to it. For New Year’s I will be at Tone’s house (my roommate). We are gonna get our party on fosho. I can’t leave out that my 20th birthday is the 27th of December, so I will be able to give my fake i.d. back to its owner cause I’m gonna be legal baby! Here in Norway the legal age for buying hard achocol and getting into the best clubs is 20 years old, so it’s kind of a big deal here. Basically my Christmas vacation is gonna be a mix of family and partying. What more can you ask fore?

(Besides that it never ends :P)

Are you kidding me?!

I am literally freezing to death. As of now it is -4(24F) degrees Celsius here in Bergen, Norway. And let me tell you this people, its fucking cold. The high temperature for today is reported at being 0 degrees Celsius. Are you kidding me?!?! I am a Southern Californian girl, I shouldn’t be subjected to this weather! I am sitting in my apartment on my couch wearing socks, sweats, a sweater, a thermal undershit, a scarf and I have 3 blankets covering my lap. It should be impossible that I am still cold, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. The worst part is that this isn’t even the worst of it. Tonight there is a snow storm coming to town. Tomorrow the highest temperature is supposed to be -10(14F) degrees Celsius! I totally cannot wait to be done with my last exam on monday and get the heck out of here. But knowing Norway, it’ll probably end up being just as cold at my sister’s house. But at least there house has a fireplace (3 in fact) so it will be much cozier and warmer inside. Let’s just hope I survive this to see Christmas and my 20th birthday.