In Norway there is this website called nettby. Its like a social network where you can find people your own age who live by you and stuff like that. To meet new people and ish.

Me and my roomate abuse this site reguaryly. Lol. We enjoy ourselves late at night when we have nothing better to do, and look at all the eye candy on there.

Last night we were looking at one person in particular. He was pretty hot. Lets leave it at that.

Anyways. I am sitting in the library right now trying to study, and guess who just sat down in front of me. Yes. That guy.

Norway is such a small place. I mean what are the odds.

Looks like studying just got a little bit harder for me now. Everyone who knows me knows that I love me some eye candy.


Falling in love…

I just fell in love. Scratch that… I just fell in lust. With a man that I will probably never meet, and is old enough to be my father. But that doesn’t matter cause I just watched The Accidental Husband with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and he has dimples, and tattoos, and is a firefighter in the movie. I want him. Now. For Valentine’s day maybe? Cupid, please?

Eye Candy pt. 2

February 17th is Ash Wednesday this year. For those of you who don’t know what that means, its a Catholic holiday which marks the start for Lent. This year I have decided to give up chocolate (I’m gonna die, I know it). So, in honor of my giving up my favorite candy, I have decided to post more of the only candy I’ll be allowed to have until Easter.

5. David Boreanaz

4. Jude Law

 3. Ed Westwick

 2. Johnny Depp

 1. Colin Farrel

Eye Candy

So I am majorly addicted to suger. If I ever decided to give it up I would mosdef need a 12 step program. This being said, there is no better candy fix to cure my craving than good eye candy 😉
Top 5 Eye Candies

5. Hayden Christiansen


We know Hayden Christiansen from Starwars, Life as a House and Jumper, among other awesome movies.

4. Ryan Reynolds

Amityville Horror, Chaos Theory, The Proposal… Yepp, this hottie was in all of them.

3. Chace Crawford

Everyone’s favorite Gossip Girl eye candy.

2. Mark Salling

From the new hit show Glee. He’s hott and he can sing, what more could a girl want?

1. Jensen Ackles

From Supernatural, My Bloody Valentine and Ten Inch Hero. This guy is just drop dead gorgeous.

Who are your favorite eye candies?