British > American?

Has anyone ever noticed how much better the british Cosmo is compared to the american?

In my opinion, its like 30 times better.

Is it even possible to get the british one is the U.S.?
Probably not. They wouldn’t want the competition I guess.

I’m lucky enough to be able to choose between 5 Cosmos each month: american, british, danish, norwegian and swedish.

The britsh is definitely number one though. In the january issue, they had this article where they compared friends to shoes. Could the american version even come up with that? I don’t think soooo.

Its totally true too. Everyone has different friends that they go to for different situations and different types of support. Its the same with shoes! Everyone has different shoes that they wear on different occasions, right?

Well, I do at least.


Chocolate facial? Yes, please!

P220311_15.06Normal facials are awesome, right? Relaxing, refreshing and they make your skin smooth. Now just imagine, a facial that smells like chocolate. Amazing!

I ended up going home from school early cause my neck and shoulders were bugging me again.

So me and my roomie decided to give ourselves chocolate facials!

It smelled so appetizing. I kind of wanted to just eat it rather than putting it on my face. hehe.

We finished it off with a strawberry moisturizer.

We kind of had food pattern going on.

It was a great way to relax a bit. I recommend it to all!

I’m Stylin’!

Would of thought that in my time of absence I would be crowmed with not just one, but two stylish awards!

I’ll say it was a pleasure to receive both of them. One was from Nikki at WomenAreFromMars And the other was from BeneathTheSpinLight.

As a receiver of the Stylish Blogger Award, I have to do the following:

  • Present seven facts about myself.
  • Name half dozen bloggers I think deserve the award. Contact those people.
  • Create a link back to the person who gave you the honor.

10 7 Things to Hate Know About Me:

I adore the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, but How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days is my favorite (10 seems to be a special number)

I have 5 and a half nieces/nephews (one is still in the tummy)

Although I love a good party, most days I would rather stay home with a good book.

If I didn’t have my iPod I’m pretty sure I would be in an insane asylum

One of my life mottos is ‘Its only funny until someone gets hurt. Then, its hilarious’

For Lent this year, I’m giving up my one true love, candy (not the eye candy though)

My dream is to one day move to Glascow in Scotland.

When I’m drunk I tell everyone I meet to shut their eyes and ‘just feel life’

6 Stylish Bloggers:



36525 days to live


Cognito Ergo Blog

Check them out! I promise they’re awesomenesss 😀

Back to real life

Paris was Ah-mazing!
I had forgotten just how much I love that city.
I wish I could have taken more time off school and satyed longer. We had just enought time to see all the usual tourist haunts: the Effiel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, Arc of Triumph, the Catacombes, the Louvre and all the other popular places to see.

We also had time to shop on Champs Elysees a couple times (wasn’t very cheap, but totally awesome), find as many starbucks as possible, count all the people walking around with baguettes (at least 30 each day), ride around on the metro without any destination in mind and meet up with a friend that lives in Paris.

We stumbled our way through communicating in french (we remembered less french than we thought), we bought alcohol from a grocery store, drank wine at lunch, ate ‘real’ french food and had a waiter thinking we tipped him because he was hot (which he was, but we tipped him because he was a good waiter).

Unfortunately, I still wasn’t able to see a cabaret at Moulin Rouge, which is something I really want to do. And I had a scare the somebody had gotten access to my bank account and emptied it out because my card stopped working and the bank was telling me I had no more money to take out. Luckily I had just used my limit of out of country withdrawls.

I am now a couple hundred dollars poorer, but I have a bunch of new memories that make it worht it. I’m already trying to plan when I’ll be able to swing another trip out there.

Maybe this summer when my bestie comes to visit?

Have a very merry christmas!

Today is my 21st birthday! Yay for me! Too bad in Norway 21 isn’t such a big thing. Here its 18 and 20 that are a big deal.
Anyways, Christmas has been amazing! We have had lots of laughs, good food and fun times. I even got my own iPad! Yay! So that’s once again where i’m blogging from. I swear this thinghas apps for everything. For worpress, facebook, vlc, new york times. Its pretty awesome. My dad was even so awesome as to go all out and get 3G which I have internet everywhere I go. Man I have best parents/family ever!
Now I’m looking forward to new years. First I guess I have to come up with a resolution. Any ideas? I have no idea.

Hope everyone has had an amazing holiday season!

You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man!

First day of Advent! Yay!

In honor of this, me and my roomies have had a baking day 😀 We’ve made homemade caramel squares, cinnamon sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies. Later tonight we are going to decorate the gingerbread cookies and hang them up in the door way of the kitchen. Its a tradition in Norway to do so.

Its really starting to feel like Christmas time and its not even December. I love it!

P281110_15.36 P281110_15.37 P281110_15.38 P281110_15.38_[01]

Sh*t My Dad Says…

… about women and sex.

I was reading Cosmo today when I ran into this book, Sh*t My Dad Says, that actually started out as a twitter page owned by Justin Halpern. I was reading the excerpts that the magazine had and decided that I totally have to have this book. Its hilarious. Just read and enjoy:

On friendship: “You’ve got good friends. I like them. I don’t think they would fuck your girlfriend, if you had one.”

On getting dumped by my first girlfriend: “Listen, I understand why you’re upset, but you’re both 19. You can’t think you were only gonna screw each other forever. That’s just silly talk.”

On furnishing one’s home: “Pick your furniture like you pick a wife. It should make you feel comfortable and should look nice, but not so nice that if someone walks past it, they want to steal it.”

On my trip to Europe: “I know you think you’re going to get all kinds of laid. It’s not a magic place, it’s the same as here. Don’t be stupid.”

I totally want to meet this guy. I would never stop laughing.