A truer truth was never spoken.

I’m sure a few people come to mind when you read this quote.

Sweetheart, you spread rumors as fast as you spread your legs. If you ran as much as you run your mouth you would be in great shape!

I know a couple people who apply, but its something that I have come to accept about them.

Just keep my name out of your mouth honey, and we’ll be fine.

P.S. Is truer even a word? No? It is now.


You’re horrible! Horrible!

Why do people have to be so horrible sometimes?

Can’t you ever just have a normal conversation?

I know that people think life is all about looking out for yourself and fuck everyone else, but its really not.

Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture, and realize your actions effect other people.

Stop being so fucking selfish, would you?

Anger: One Letter Short of Danger

Tumblr_l42aw9oz3m1qb0yg3o1_400_largeAnd I am dangerously close to hurting someone who made me angry.
More than angry actually.
Pissed-off, livid, infuriated, outraged, exacerbated, enraged.
All pretty good descriptions.

True Story:

Today we had to turn in a programming project that consisted of 4 different programs.

I finished my part of the project last wednesday and emailed them to my partner.

I got a text the next day saying she looked them over and that they looked good and worked fine.

Today, 2 hours before the project was due, I get a text asking which of the questions I did.

I responded with the ones I took and the ones she was supposed to take.

The reply I got was “Oops, looks like I did the wrong programs. I’m at work right now so I can’t do the right ones. Can you write them and turn them in?”

First thought through my head, was “Are you fucking kidding me!?!”

If I was the killing type she would have had problems. Luckily for her I wrote the programs and turned them in, but the ended up being an hour late.

If we fail, its her fault.

I think the worst part isn’t that she’s had my finished programs for 4 days now, its that she never even said please or thank you for how much work I’ve done.

Norwegian can kind of suck sometimes when it comes to politeness.

Joe Stack: Plane Crash Suicide.

This whole event pisses me off to no extent. I don’t understand why people do stuff like that. To me suicide is one of the most selfish things a person can do, but I understand that some people feel trapped in their lives and think thats the only solution (I don’t agree, but some people do). The suicide itsself doesn’t piss me off, its the people who insist on taking other people with them on their way out of this world. If you want to end your life, its all fine and dandy, but don’t take the lives of other people while you’re at it. Joe Stack was apparently at a bad place in his life and pissed at the IRS. His solution was to crash a plane into the IRS building in Austin, Texas while there was about 200 employees inside. 13 people were injured, 2 people died ad did Joe Stack. In other words 2 people who needn’t have died, and 13 people who shouldn’t have been hurt.  It’s things like this that are so atrocious that I wish he didn’t die so that he could be punished. But I guess all we can do is be thankful that more people weren’t injured or killed.

Lets talk shit

It is amazing how very thin my apartment walls are. Because of this, I had the pleasure of listening to some entertaining shit while I was eating dinner this evening. Namely, one of my roommates talking shit about me. Now, most people would want to know why that is so entertaining…. well let me tell you. This is the roommate who I once asked why she was mad at one of our mutual friends and her reply was “I don’t know, but I know its a good reason.” This is the same roommate who flat out said that she was going to be mad at our other roommate for at least a week because of a text misunderstanding. This is the roommate who is mad at me because she cleaned the most of the apartment, but I didn’t help….. because I was at school. I get that you don’t like confronting people, but nothing is gonna get solved if you don’t tell me you’re mad. There is answer to all this… its talking.

I realize that not everyone is able to live together, no matter if they were friends before or not. I just hope that these roommate fights we have don’t effect the friendship.

UPDATE: We’ve spent a good time talking out this shit, and it turns out most of what happened was misunderstandings and just little irritations, on her part and mine. Its good to see that even when people fight, they can get over it. Holding grudges never gets people anywhere, even though it might feel good at the time.

What is The World Coming To?

Have you ever experience a professor leaving a lecture to make copies of a paper and not come back? I have. This professor has got to be the dumbest fuck I have ever had the displeasure of being taught by. Last semester we had him, and he wasn’t any better. He continually would come to class just to tell us it was cancelled. He never corrected any of our projects, so that when it was time for exams we had no idea if the way were doing our work was correct or not. The answer to all of our questions was always “I’m not quite sure, but you can read about it in the book.” But even after those dumb things today was the worst of all. We were having a lab to write a couple practice programs, but he hadn’t made enough copies for the entire class. He left to go make the copies and the fucker didn’t come back. I mean come on. Who does that. This guy is supposed to be paid to teach us, but apparently he had better things to do. We have also been having teacher evaluations the past couple days, and he was getting a lot of complaints. But the counselors say that there is nothing to do about it because it is too difficult to hire a new teacher, or to change a teacher who has been teaching for long. Fuck the what?! I wanna know how he became a teacher in the first place… Rant over.

A Kiss With A Fist…

… is better than a horrible kiss. Guys who suck at kissing, suck at life. And they shouldn’t get so offended when you tell them they need more practice before there will ever be a round two, its just a fact. End of story.

Serioulsy happy!

Ok so today  I am willing to bet that I am the happiest person in Bergen 😀 Here’s the story.

Part 1: So two weeks ago I was out partying with my roommates and friends, and basically just having a fucking awesome time…. until I put my hand in my jacket pocket and realized that my phone wasn’t there. Now me being the ever optimist, and extremely clumsy, figured that I dropped it somewhere. But no. Some loser with no life apparantly thought stealing my phone and then turning it off so I couldnt call would be fun. Anyways the point is I went without a phone for two and a half weeks waiting for the phone company to send me my sim card, which I got today! Yay! It feels amazing having my phone back 😀

Part 2: Last weekend Camilla and Marte were visiting us. And like we usually do on sundays after a weekend of partying we decided to have a movie night. since there wasn’t enough room for all of us on the couch I was sitting on the floor right by the table with the laptop on it (we don’t have a tv). Most people who know me, know that I am one of the clumsiest people ever. So silly me, I managed to spill a glass of milk on my computer, and then just kinda sat there in shock and watch it sink into the keyboard. Needless to say the compter didn’t turn back on….. until yesterday 😀 I had totally thought that it was dead and I would have to get a new one, but nope. after over a week with no compter I got my old one back with all my stuff on it 😀 And for that I can deal with the sticky keyboard ;D

So basically I am back in the world of technology and I love it. Its was weird to realize how much I depend on my cellphone and computer. Its not like one or the other, I need both. But I think that applies to most people these days, so I don’t feel bad 😀