Seasons are changing, and I love it.

Today was such an amazing day. It was nice to wake up on the weekend and not be hungover or reduced by alcohol. To top it off it was amazing outside; fresh air, no clouds, leaves on the ground.

Me and Tora woke up early-ish and walked to the library to study for a couple hours.

When we couldn’t stand anymore we went shopping for a little bit where I bought that most amazing coffee mugs. Their design is called Ink – Love & Luck. The best was that they were on sale for 40% off. I love that!


Then we went to a new American cafe called Eat My Muffins. I am in love with that place now. They have all kinds of cupcakes and muffins and coffee. Its heaven on earth. It sucked that my other roomie, Tone, couldn’t come cause she would have loved it. I got an oreo cupcake and Tora got a carrot-cake cupcake. Mine was a little crooked, but both were amazing!


Looks like my bad luck is wearing off, and I finally had a day where nothing wrong.

Now its time to write up a couple programs, so that tomorrow I don’t have anything to do besides workout, and go to the movies.  


Surefire way to save money.


Lose your bank/credit card.

I did that on saturday and let me tell you, its done wonders for my bank account.

Since I don’t have a card to swipe at every possible moment, my bank account isn’t decreasing exponentially like normal.

The only problem is the bank doesn’t want to give me a new one.

Epic fail.

Looks like I’ll be saving money indefinitely.

Good things come when you least expect it

Today was supposed to be a normal saturday.

Boring all day before I decided to get ready to go out.

Turned out I was wrong. Its been so much funner than that.

Ended up going in to the city center for Tone to buy birthday presents for 3 friends.

On the way there we randomly stubbled by a free concert in sentrum.

A1 was the band playing. They apparantly were the shit back in the 90’s and have made a comeback on the show Melody Grand Prix.

They were pretty cool.

The lead singer dude has a british accent. Yum.

We went in this cute little shop with a bunch of random stuff that I just loved.

I could buy the whole store out.

Then we went clothes shopping cause Tone “had nothing to wear”
(pssh she has enough clothes for a family of 5)

I found an amaaaazingly cute dress, but I can’t buy it cause I’m saving money.

But who knows My willpower against buying clothes is virtually nonexistant.

On the walk home we got whistled at by some 17 year olds.

That made me laugh. lol

Now its time to eat pizza, and get ready for Sunniva and Mari’s party.

I can’t drink cause of anitbiotics, but their parties are fun even when they you’re sober.

Its a great day to be alive

Bergen, Norway. 




Like no joke. It was plus 2 degrees outside today, so everyone was out enjoying the sunshine. Me and Katrine went dowtown and walked around. This week is a special week for one of the universties in Bergen, so there were some performances going on. But none of the guys singing were hot so that was kind of a bummer, but whatev cause their outfits were cool. Katrine bought a curling iron thingy, which is awesome like showa. We went to the post office to pick up a package and saw Ida working there, and she let us cut in front of everyone cause she effing rocks like that. Then we stopped by Deli de Lucas and bought choclate rolls and cinnabons. Yummy. There are soooo delicious there. All in all today was pretty chill. The sunshine made me smile, I got my chocolate fix before I have to give it up on wednesday, and I enjoyed the fresh air outside. But now its time to study which sucks hardcore, but that’s the college life for you.

It’s a hard knock life…

Student life can be pretty brutal, well at least it is for me. The two hardest parts are managing your time and cash. Maybe its just me, but I have a hard time sitting down to study because I’d much rather do something fun. What’s especially hard for me is that all my studying takes place on a computer, so I have all these distractions that I have to deal with; FB, blogs, searching for new movies to download, chatting. You name it. I wish I could buy some more willpower, cause mine is running mighty low right about now. (And I could really use it considering I have an exam tomorrow that I really don’t feel like studying for).

The other part that is hard is money ish. I’m an impulse shopper, and definitely a shopoholic. I can tell myself that I am just going to the grocery store to buy some food, but somehow I always end up downtown is the shopping district. I also love to party, and that takes up most of my money. Take the weekend that just passed as an example. I dropped over 100 bucks on alcohol and food for one night. That doesn’t seem so much until you think about that I do it every other weekend, if not every weekend. It adds up. Today I went grocery shopping and I found out that I don’t really have that much money to spend on food. So for the next two weeks I’ll be trying to live off the following: a loaf of bread, a carton of milk, a head of lettuce, 10 slices of roast beef, two tomatoes, a box of 30 fish sticks, french fries, and some macaroni noodles. OMG I don’t kno if its possible but we will see I guess. I think I need some sort of Shopoholic Anonymous, or else I might starve one day.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Ok so if you could describe your life in one movie what would yours be? Mine would mosdef be Confessions of a Shopaholic. I seriously need help. Today I went shopping planning on buying Christmas parents for my family and friends, and for the life of me I just couldn’t focus. In every store I went into I would start by looking for their presents, and end up looking for stuff for me, or my apartment. Needless to say I’m gonna have to go Christmas shopping tomorrow too. Which, btw, will be the 3rd time this week 😛 Pretty soon I’m gonna be skipping meals so that I have money to buy other stuff. lol. Just like in the movie. Credit debt here I come!