Snap back to reality

Back in Norway after my ah-mazing vacation in Spain.

I definitely was’t ready to leave, because now I’m back to reality where I have to semester projects to finish by next friday, and exams after that.

But none of that will put a damper on my memories. We had a few drunken nights playing secret asian man, paying 1,5 € for a beer and 2 € for tequila shots, trespassing on golf courses and of course laughing at the stupid things people say when they are a little passed tipsy:

“South africa? Are you sure of that? I thought she was from a specific country.”

“Im an excellent breeder assistent…. Even ask your aunt debbie!”

“It was like pure wissshhkey.”

“Glow dance? What the hell does that have to do with a sobriety test?”

We also had ice cream everyday, went shopping, found swapmeets and hung out at the beach. All in all, it was very relaxing.

I will definitely miss the sunshine and being able to wear shorts and t-shirts with no jacket.


It Keeps Gettin’ Better

I am amazingly blessed.

I have THE best parents ever!

Today I found out that instead of going home for easter break this April, I will be flying home and then next day leaving for Alicante, Spain for a week!

I have never been to the south of Europe before, so I am extremely excited.

And this wouldn’t be happening if it was for my wonderful parents who are shelling out the dough for this trip for themselves, my sister, her boyfriend and I.

Now I really can’t wait for March to be over.