Epic awesomeness!

So, as you’ve might have noticed the past year or so everyone has gone around saying “epic fail”, right? It kind of became a trend.

Well, I don’t know if its just here in Norway, but there is no postive way to turn around ‘epic fail’ unless you just say epic… Which is kind of boring. So, I decided that the opposite of ‘epic fail’ is ‘epic awesomeness’.

Anyways, back to my point. This past monday was total epic awesomeness!

It was the day before Norway’s independence day, so as a tradition, we all went out and got trashed.

It was definitely a good time, but just let me tell you this. If anyone dares you to shoot three Flatliners in a row, it would be best to say ‘no, thanks’ rather than ‘if you will, I will’.

Unfortunatly, I can’t go into that much detail about what made it so awesome because the details are a bit fuzzy, but it toally was. Hehe.

But once again, its back to reality and exams. I have one on monday, and the I have a two week break, and then two more in quick succession.

The sucky part? I went in to buy my pensum book for one of my exams and they were sold out. Its gonna be 10 days before they can get the book in, as in less than a week before the exam. Now THAT is an epic fail.

Oh well, that’s life. You got to roll withthe punches I guess.


Don’t you just hate…

This is how school makes me feel:

Don’t you just hate the day, hell even the week, before an exam.

You know you should be reading but you just can’t find the willpower to pick up your book and start.

Eveything else looks so much funner: your computer, cooking, cleaning, sleeping, partying, blogging.

Today is St. Patrick’s day and I don’t even get to celebrate because of my exam tomorrow.

Fuck whoever thought March 18 was a good day to have a database exam.

Take that!

In my opinion, one of the best feelings in the world is accomplishing something when people say you won’t be able to do it, or that its ok to give up because ‘it might be a bit too hard for you’.

I mean really, can you get more condescending than that?

Personally, it makes me work harder when people say that because one of my favorite pass-times is proving people wrong. Plus, its doubly satisfying at the end when you’ve accomplished the ‘unaccomplishable’.

The reason I brought this up was because I just turned in a pretty damn good report, if I do say so myself, where my professor had told me, ‘You can just come to me for help whenever, since it will probably be too hard for you’.

So, take that Mr.

Turns out I didn’t need your help.

Kiss My A**!

Time for a rant about a program that is pivotal for my degree.

Its called MySQL which is a program for managing a database. We have to make to create, mange and write query codes for databases.

Now, I won’t go into very much detail about it, because if you don’t know about it, it will be pretty boring.

But here is the main point of my rant:

I have spent the last 2 and half hours trying to fix 4 lines of code that were 100% CORRECT! And it is totally MySQL’s fault.

The point was to write a code that shows a warning if you try to enter data in the database that dissatisfies certain conditions. Instead of getting a warning, I kept getting a message saying I had an error in the synthax of the code.

When I asked my teacher what I was doing wrong (after 2 and a half frusterating hours) he told me that my code was completely right and MySQL was having a spasm attack because I was producing the warning when it wanted to be the one to produce it.

Fucking program. That’s 2 and a half hours of my life that I’ll never get back.

Under Attack

I despise when this happens. You think you have everything under control. Things are going fine.

Then out of the blue its like “Sass, do this.” “Sass, do that.” “Sass, read this.” “Sass, write that.” “Sass, you have to meet me here when I say because that’s what is convenient for me, who gives a shit if you already had plans.”

All I wanted to do today was go to my lecture, read a couple chapters out of my book and work out. Now my head is spinning with everything people expect me to do.

Get off my back folks. Thanks.

You are special. Oh, so special.

Phone convo with my dad earlier today:

{fluff talk about school, the weather, yadayadayada}

Dad: Ok, so why are you bugging us on a saturday?
Me: I have a question.
Dad: Alright. I have an answer. It might be wrong, or it might be right, but it’s an answer either way.
Me: Ok, what-
Dad: Wait! I need my theme song. *sings* ‘are you smarter than a 5th grader’
Me: Oh wow. You’re special.
Dad: I got two questions right this morning, you know!
Me: Dad, focus!
Dad: Well, what’s the question?
Me: What does preempt mean?
Dad: Oh, I know. Uh…. Uh…. Why not look it up on your computer?
Me: I don’t take my computer with me to school to study.
Dad: Ok. Weeellll, I’ve got a computer.
Me: Go to dictionary.com
Dad: Duh- ic-ti-on-ar-y-dot-c-o-m. What the hell!? Sass, I think it has gone crazy on my. Let me try again. Duh-ic-ti-on-ar-y-dot-c-o-m. Ok, now I got it….

Never a dull conversation with my dad that’s for sure.

Little Moments

Today I had one of those moments where I just stop and think, ‘For really Sass? Did that just happen?’ Here’s the run down.

I was sitting in a group room studying today waiting for my group to show up and I was listening to Starstrukk by 3OH!3 ft. Katy Perry. Now anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a whistler. Most of the time I can’t even make a noise when I try. Now if you have ever heard that song you know that in the chorus they wolf whistle a lot, and if you haven’t heard scroll down and listen so you know what I’m talking about.

Now as I was listening to this song, I was doing my little pathetic attempt at whistling when that part came, since there was no one in the room and I can’t really whistle anyways. So of course when the song is on its last chorus 2 things happen at once. First, I manage a real, honest to God wolf whistle (my first ever). Second, some random guy walked into the room right in time to hear it. He looked right at me and kinda crooked his head. And me, the most spastic person ever, just went with the flow and winked at him. It was really just a split reaction. He did this half smile, and then we both got to studying.

It took a couple minutes before I could focus again cause I was just thinking ‘For really Sass? Did that just happen?’.

When my people finally came and I told them the story they thought it was pretty fun. So I can expect to be made fun of for this for a long period of time.


Seasons are changing, and I love it.

Today was such an amazing day. It was nice to wake up on the weekend and not be hungover or reduced by alcohol. To top it off it was amazing outside; fresh air, no clouds, leaves on the ground.

Me and Tora woke up early-ish and walked to the library to study for a couple hours.

When we couldn’t stand anymore we went shopping for a little bit where I bought that most amazing coffee mugs. Their design is called Ink – Love & Luck. The best was that they were on sale for 40% off. I love that!


Then we went to a new American cafe called Eat My Muffins. I am in love with that place now. They have all kinds of cupcakes and muffins and coffee. Its heaven on earth. It sucked that my other roomie, Tone, couldn’t come cause she would have loved it. I got an oreo cupcake and Tora got a carrot-cake cupcake. Mine was a little crooked, but both were amazing!


Looks like my bad luck is wearing off, and I finally had a day where nothing wrong.

Now its time to write up a couple programs, so that tomorrow I don’t have anything to do besides workout, and go to the movies.  

There’s only fun times ahead.

I am officially registered for college, Fall Semester 2010.

I love it, and I hate it. I love it because the past year at college has been amazing. Living in Bergen, meeting new people, experiencing new things and basically loving life. Who can say no to that? I’m hoping that this semester/year will be even better since I now have a year of college under my belt and know what to expect.

I hate it because this semester I have signed up for 4 courses instead of 3. That kinda makes it sound like I chose them, but really they are all mandatory for my degree, or trust me I would have chosen others. They are Organization and Leadership in Projects, Object Oriented Programming, Databases I and Computers and Operative Systems. It might sound a little heavy, but in reality its just another day in the neighborhood. The class that I am least looking forward to is actually the leadership and organization class. I’ve never been good at those kinds of courses, so I don’t think it’ll go too well. We’ll see I guess.

It feels good to be signed up already. Kinda makes it a reality that in only 5 days I’ll be on my way back to Bergen and living in my new apartment with the two best roommates a girl could ask for, Tone and Tora.

There’s only fun times ahead.

You can’t be too careful anymore.


Last night I got my hair highlighted! Yay! Now its not all boring anymore. Tone was the one that did it. I’ll have to admit I was a bit nervous considering she has never done anything like it before. No dyeing other peoples hair, or highlighting it, or anything. But I explained it to her pretty well and she did a fantastic job. Now I have my own little hairdresser in training 🙂

Tonight I’m going to see BIL (an improv show) with 2 friends, Camilla and Lene. I’ve never been there before but I’ve pretty much heard that its the shit. So I might as well give it a shot. I’ve gotten a lot of studying done today so I don’t think I’ll feel too guilty about taking the night off. Only 2 more exams left and then its summer vacation and work! Can’t wait.

And on another note. Its 19 degrees celsius outside! Woohoo. Its only like 66 farenheit but thats like a fuckin heat wave here in Norway 😀