Tone and Tora are home! Yay! Now I’m not home alone anymore 😀

The last few days have been spent cleaning, cooking, building and basically getting the apartment and our bedrooms in order. Not fun but necessary.

IMG_2545 IMG_2546 IMG_2547 IMG_2548

Its not completely done yet, but I have to say it looks pretty nice.

I totally can’t wait until we have the house warming party. Jungle juice, margarita muffins, tequila and friends. You can’t go wrong with that combination.



Yeah I totally don’t know how to spell ‘aykaramba’, but I tried. Don’t shoot me.

Anyways. I’m not dead again. Life’s been busy(read: Life’s be awesome).

  • I went to the end of summer party at work and had a blast. Had cookie day with my cousin Sam, and made a huge cookie (and 3 dozen small) that was decidedly orgasmic if I do say so myself.
  • Went on a road trip with my mom, sister, the sister’s boy and my cousin. Started off going to Oslo to get my passport renewed. Let me just say the American Embassy there is ridiculous. The security there is off the hook. Its Norway people, not Iraq, no one is going to bomb you. (That sounded a little racist, but its really only a joke)
  • Then we were off to Sweden. Bought my alcohol, a bottle of normal vodka and 5 different flavors of absolutt. Party days, I welcome you with open arms. I bought a new straightener and Orvil popcorn. Yum! Oh and a Monster energy drink cause they don’t have those in Norway
  • Then we were off to Hemsedal. We took the ski lift up the mountain there and went on a hike. I’m proud of myself because I am normally the epitome of lazy. Then we went to my uncles house and had homemade pizza and wine.
  • Then it was off to Bergen. Fuck yeah! Now I’m in Bergen in my apartment getting things together. I went to IKEA and bought all the furniture and put it all together because I am awesome like that. Now I’m waiting for my roommates to finally come home again. Its gonna be wicked awesome.
  • On monday we are having the kick-off week for school. I am going to be a ‘fadder’ which is basically a big-sister to all the first years that study what I study. Which translates to a week and a half of partying with people I’ve never met before. Sounds fun yeah?
  • Then its time to get into school again before we start planning our house warming party. Which is gonna be off the hook, if I do say so myself.

And now when I look back and read over what I just wrote, I am totally glad that I nevered wanted to be a writer when I grew up, because I suck at it. I just started off most of my sentences with ‘then’. Man its no wonder I almost failed english.

I feel like this right now…


And its awesome. Its colorful, hyper, crazy, electric. It’s good to feel this way.

Today is gonna be awesome.

  • Hanging out with Tonje
  • Seeing all my colleagues again since I’ve been gone
  • End of summer party at the water park
  • Good food, lots of sweets and tons of laughter

I feel [Excited]

Hey cupcake

IMG_9534              IMG_9537

I love sweets. End of statement.

One of the things I like best is baking sweets and then getting to enjoy them. Since I am no longer working this summer me and my cousin Sam decided to cure our boredom by baking cupcakes. They started out being vanilla, ended up being swirled with chocolate. They also started out with white vanilla icing, and ended up with orange vanilla icing. Needless to say, we don’t follow the rules of recipe very well, but we make some damn good cupcakes.

Blonde moment of the day:
I had put the cupcakes in the oven, and then went to check on them 10 minutes later, only to find very undercooked cupcakes. Turns out it helps a little when the oven is actually turned on. Who’da thunk?


I’m not dead, yet

It has now been over a month since that last time I blogged, but thats all gonna change soon.

I haven’t been blogging (or reading other blogs) this summer basically because I have been uber busy. I have been either working or sleeping. Thats not very exciting to blog about. Well I actually take that back. Tons of exciting/funny things have happened to me this summer while I was working, but everytime I came home I was to tired to blog. Hence the sleeping. But now I am officially done with my summer job. Not because I want to be, but because I pinched a nerve in my back and am now on medical leave.

Anyways I guess I can give you a summary of the eventful things that happened this summer. This is by no means all of them. My memory isn’t that good.

  • My sister and nephew came to visit.
  • My cousin from California came to visit.
  • Got my butt pinched and winked at by a 7 year-old.
  • Almost broke my finger cause I got ran over by a mini car.
  • Found about 150 bucks at one of the rides I worked at. But I had to give 100 back 😦
  • Got beat up by a wanna-be-macho teenager in the haunted house.
  • Spent a whole 6 and a half hour shift blasting a song for the water park at the zoo and doing the dance for it with one of my coworkers.
  • Have been stalked by a lady that comes to the zoo like everyday. She wanted to take pictures of everyone who works in our department and make a scrapbook even though none of us know her. We have deemed her “the wheel chair lady”, even though she can walk.
  • Got scared shitless at the haunted house (multiple times) when I was supposed to be the one scaring people.
  • Got a visit from Tone and Martin.
  • Won a Luigi stuffed animal at the carnival.
  • Made like 15 new facebook friends, lol
  • Laughed so hard I almost peed my pants because of a story one of my coworkers told me. (Not sure I wanna share the story, but if you ask nicely I might).
  • Bought a new bike, and got a new microwave.
  • Not to mention my wicked awesome henna-tattoo on my wrist the means “lucky” in chinese. At least thats what its supposed to mean. lol
  • And most importantly, made about 7000 dollars 😀

P290710_21.14Now I’m officially back. I move back to my apartment next week. But before that I have a couple things planned. The end of the summer party at work, a trip to Oslo, a trip to Sweden and a trip to Hemsedal. Then its back in Bergen for school and the start of another awesome semester.

Life is good.

Monster and Peep-peep?

Oh.my.goodness. Wednesday was the most I have laughed in a really long time. I had work at the little car track thingy until 19:30 and after that it was right down to the pizza restaurant in the zoo to eat pizza with the rest of my colleagues and play games afterwards. After we ate we played a bunch of different games to get to know eachother better, and relax. My favorite had to be “Monster and Peep-peep”.

For those of you who have no idea what that is. It a game where people stand in pairs and there is one monster and one peep-peep. The monsters job is to catch the peep-peep and they both have to make noises and hand movements and run around like that. There are rules about how you go from being the peep-peep to being safe, but its hard to explain them.

After we played the games, we took a couple rides on the rollercoaster/pendulum ride that we work at. That was A LOT of fun. Singing and dancing while flying through that air. After that we tried to see how many people we could fit into my bosses little car. We ended up with 15 which didn’t beat the record unfortunately. But it was a good try.

Here are some pictures from that night. I can’t wait until the next activity night. Hopefully it will be even better 😀


36204_440549506252_529246252_6358485_4487029_n 34263_440550686252_529246252_6358575_3515038_n34218_440550671252_529246252_6358574_5261842_n36411_440550056252_529246252_6358530_5036086_n36440_440550326252_529246252_6358547_1034263_n



Lions and tigers and bears! Ok, maybe not bears.

Even though I was done with my last exam on the 9th, today was my first real day of vacation and boy did I enjoy it. I slept til 10:30, which might not seem like a lot but when you’ve been waking up at 6:30 or earlier the past week and a half those 4 hours are precious. After I woke up I basically relaxed all day and played wii. It got a little boring since I was home alone, but my body got time to charge up again. Which is good considering my work schedule. I have 1 day off for the next week and a half or so. But I wouldn’t have it anyother way. I absolutely love my summer job at the zoo. My colleagues are uber fun, the kids are sooo cute and the parents are alright. Even when it rained I still enjoyed work. That’s not something everyone can say. Anyways, here are some pictures of the animals I pass when I walk to my various activities. There are a lot more animals in the zoo of course, which I will prolly take pictures of when I have another day off to visit the zoo for pleasure 😀 The quality isn’t too good cause they were taken with my cellphone, that doesn’t have zoom.


P100610_13.35 P100610_17.10

P100610_17.19 P130610_15.03

You can’t be too careful anymore.


Last night I got my hair highlighted! Yay! Now its not all boring anymore. Tone was the one that did it. I’ll have to admit I was a bit nervous considering she has never done anything like it before. No dyeing other peoples hair, or highlighting it, or anything. But I explained it to her pretty well and she did a fantastic job. Now I have my own little hairdresser in training 🙂

Tonight I’m going to see BIL (an improv show) with 2 friends, Camilla and Lene. I’ve never been there before but I’ve pretty much heard that its the shit. So I might as well give it a shot. I’ve gotten a lot of studying done today so I don’t think I’ll feel too guilty about taking the night off. Only 2 more exams left and then its summer vacation and work! Can’t wait.

And on another note. Its 19 degrees celsius outside! Woohoo. Its only like 66 farenheit but thats like a fuckin heat wave here in Norway 😀

Summer job = the zoo

Yay! I finally got my hours for the zoo in June from my boss. When people hear that I have a  summer job at the zoo I usually get one of two responses; 1:”Aww you’re so lucky” or 2:"Do you get to play with the monkies?” Unfortunately, no. I don’t deal with any of the animals, except the peacocks that roam around free, and always seem to be in my way. I work in the amusement part of the zoo. I work a bunch of activites: the car track, the haunted house, the safari train ride, the submarine boats and the swingy/spinning thing that you see in the picture. Its really enjoyable. The best is that half of the people I worked with last year are coming back this year! Its gonna be bomb.com fosho.

I start on the 11th so I have one day vacation before I start. I don’t mind though. The kinda sucky part is that I only have 80 hours in June. Whæ. My minimum wage here is $20.50, so I’ll make about $1600 but I was really hoping for more. Who kows maybe lots of people will call in sick all the time in June and I’ll be able to fill in for them. Or in the worst case i’ll just have to ask my boss if I can work like everyday in July. My new apartment isn’t going to buy things for itself, and the last time I checked tequila wasn’t free, so I need to up my bank account stat.